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What to Expect

The individuals who decide to engage in therapy generally have important goals relating to:

  • Improving mood and sense of purpose in life.

  • Moving out of patterns of depression, anxiety, stress, worry and trauma.

  • Coping with major life events and transitions.

  • Finding a pathway to explore who they are, what's important to them and where they want to take their lives.

While it can be a challenging, psychological therapy is generally extremely rewarding and is the first line treatment for many mental health issues. Therapy will be individually catered to suit your specific needs and goals, meaning it can be focused on a specific issue or look broadly at your experience of life.


Through the process your confidentiality will be maintained and your story respected.​


Up to 10 sessions can be subsidised by Medicare annually via a referral from a GP or Psychiatrist who will complete a Mental Health Treatment Plan. If you are also working with a GP and/or psychiatrist it is common to liaise with them regarding the progress of therapy.

Initial assessment:

The initial session will be focused on outlining your goals for therapy, your current difficulties and getting a broad understanding of your life and story. Based on this we will jointly decide on a plan for therapy based on evidence and your individual situation.

Ongoing sessions:

From here on sessions will focus on strategies to help you move your life in the direction you want it to go. For certain difficulties this can involve a structured set of interventions, and for others it can be determined week by week, but it will always be catered for your specific goals and situation.

There's no rule about the number of sessions to have with a psychologist, but the aim is always to get  people equipped and back on their feet as quickly as possible, giving them the skills they need to prevent and manage issues that they are struggling with and those that may arise in the future.

Review process:

With the aim of tracking therapy progress and improving the outcome of therapy, together we will periodically review the progress of therapy. If you are being treated under a Mental Health Treatment Plan reviews are required following session 6 and session 10, with associated letters sent to the GP or psychiatrist who provided the referral.

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